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3603 West Balboa Boulevard, Newport Beach CA, 92663
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To Build or To Buy?

Homes up for resale always seem like the way to go cost-wise, but the real question is if it’s the best choice. Even with all the deals on the market for previously owned homes, there are great benefits to buying a new home.... Read More »

Dream House to Real House

It’s a long road to building a new house and the beginning is not at the pouring of the foundation. Many people get lost in the planning and it can cost a pretty penny. Prepare for the construction process with these five important... Read More »

Builder Feature: Patterson Custom Homes

When in search of a luxury custom home, look no further than Patterson Custom Homes. Located in beautiful Newport Beach, CA, Patterson Custom Homes is the largest independent builder in Orange County. Founded in 2000, the company... Read More »

The OC Bubble – Real or Ruse?

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2014: Return of the Housing Market

The forecast for 2014’s housing market is not quite as strong as last year, but it is still an emerging market. Even though it is expected to be half as strong as 2013, sellers that waited are on the good side of the playing... Read More »

3 Risks of Overpricing Your Home

In hopes of selling their homes for more than what it’s worth, sellers tend to overprice them.  An  overpriced property is far less attractive especially if it does not possess any notable features. The tendency for sellers... Read More »

Experts Predict 2014 Housing Market

The U.S. Real estate market made a great comeback in 2013. The combination of low inventories and historically low interest rates caused home prices to rise and fueled bidding wars in some markets. While positive trends like an... Read More »