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Smith Group in Top 100 for 3rd Quarter!

November 2011

Dear Tim:

Congratulations on an outstanding quarterly performance, one so impressive that it ranks you among NRT Top 100 Teams for the third quarter.

It’s easy to become complacent when confronted by market forces that seem beyond our control. What I admire most about your achievement is that you demonstrated the commitment to service and the professionalism to succeed in spite of a challenging business climate. I truly appreciate your dedication and I’m sure your clients do as well.

As a company, NRT continues to show its strength and execute its vision for the future, thanks in large part to the talent and character of its people. What your team has accomplished this past quarter serves as an inspiration to us all.

With the holidays and year-end just around the corner, I hope you find continued success to close out 2011. Tim, congratulations, and I anticipate the pleasure of recognizing your outstanding performance again in the very near future.


Bruce Zipf
President & CEO


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